Cattaraugus County's Growth is Our Business


The County of Cattaraugus Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA), as a public benefit corporation was created in 1971 to retain, promote and assist private sector industrial and business development, thereby advancing job opportunities and economic welfare to the people of Cattaraugus County.


MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the CCIDA is to retain, promote, attract and develop job and business opportunities and economically sound commerce and industry in cities, towns and villages in Cattaraugus County. The CCIDA strives to assist and promote growing industry in Cattaraugus County by helping business to be competitive and profitable by offering:

  • Financial Assistance, Business Incentives, Tax Exemptions, Bonds
  • Improved Utilization & Development of Local Infrastructure
  • Creation of Investment, Employment & Wealth in the Community
  • Recruitment of New Business